4 tips to help Schools communicate effectively

1. Regular Updates

Regularly updating your website is crucial to keep your parents informed and engaged. School websites with out of date information have a detrimental impact on parents use of the website and often result in more queries to your school office or request for paper copies.

Your website should be the first choice for parents for the latest news, up-to-date diary, and live events.


2. Look your best

When someone visits your website it's important to capture their attention and leave them with a good and long-lasting impression.

What does your website say about your school, your ambitions, and your standards of education?

First impressions can influence how your school is perceived way in to the future which is why you should showcase your school's unique values and experience.


3. Be social

Social media is something that most schools are still worried about using, yet there has never been a better time to leverage social media for sharing your news and information.

Schools can adopt social media in different ways; you can either focus on regular updates and use it for events and community engagement, or you can use it as a simple news bulletin for parents.

No matter how you choose to use social media, it can be a have a big impact on your school's communications.

Please read our related article on Social Media for Schools or contact us for a chat.


4. Mobile friendly

A mobile friendly website is designed to work the same way across multiple devices, meaning that nothing changes or is unusable on your mobile phone compared to a traditional desktop computer.

This is important because our own analysis show that more people visit school websites on mobile phones and all of your hard work to keep your website updated will mean little if that person has a poor experience.

Open your school website on your phone and test it for yourself. Do you need to repeatedly zoom in and out to navigate or read text? Do your newsletters and class photos display correctly to size?

All websites designed by us are built on the foundation of a good mobile experience and follow web accessibility guidelines.

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