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It's important to keep the content on your school website up-to-date for many reasons. Not only does new content keep your website 'fresh' with your recent school events, parents also feel a sense of engagement and your website becomes a go-to source for information. Information that may otherwise come from your admin office or expensive paper copies.

Our own analytics show that more people are using the internet than ever, and with each wave of new technology we see an increase of mobile device use. Meanwhile, the number of visitors from a desktop computer continues to drop.

To us this means something important: your school must adopt new technology to keep current with this and future generations. It also shows that the internet is more accessible than ever, and should be a key factor in your school's communication.


Use effective Content Management software

Ensure that you use content management software that is designed for schools. Websites like WordPress or Wix can be great for personal businesses, but they are missing essential features that help you to build and maintain your school requirements.

Ask yourself: Do you have the time to configure the features you want? Will your staff need training? Is your school website on one person's shoulders?

If you're like many schools we have spoken with, you are aware that you are not compliant but you don’t know where to start. You are too busy to administer your website and maintain your content, and you just might not be happy with the way your website works.

Your consideration for Content Management software should focus on the added benefit that it gives to help you maintain a compliant website and reduce the overall workload on your staff.


Keep it fresh

Parents love to visit their school website and see the wonderful things that the children have been doing.

Updating and sharing content such as school events, class photos, and pupil achievements is engaging for parents and is a great way to showcase your value in your local community.

If all staff "chip in" with the updates for their classes, the website becomes a joint effort and parents will feel equally involved in their child's education.

Your website should also be a reflection of your school's character and personality. This is more important than ever because your website is often the first thing that your current and future parents will see.


Meet Ofsted & DfE Requirements

By leveraging Ofsted & DfE requirements, you can ensure the best experience for parents and other visitors to your website.

We see these requirements as a necessity for more reasons than legal, they challenge the type of content that was historically missing from a school website and provide an opportunity to showcase your school in the best light.

By being compliant you are not only publishing key information but also providing an insight to your school with class galleries, after school clubs, homework timetables, and much more.

We provide monthly insights on our school websites which includes useful tips to maintain compliance. We would love you to check out our homepage or contact us if you would like to learn more.

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