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One of the most valuable resources for your school is your website, but it’s often put aside to deal with more pressing matters and it can be hard task to pick up again.

Support staff are busy, teachers are focused on providing an education, and administrators are doing every other job to keep the school ticking. On top of that you are expected to meet to Ofsted and DfE requirements... we know what you’re thinking!

I'm sure you would like a dedicated member of staff to focus on your website and communications, but that is simply too expensive for most schools and you’re not alone. So, what if you could have a managed website without more responsibility on your staff?

You’re looking to eliminate the challenges associated with typical content management software; the investment of your time, staff training, meeting the expectations of parents, and being assured that your website ticks all compliance and statutory requirements.

Web4Edu specialise in website management for schools by working with your staff to receive and update newsletters, class photos, events, and more. We send reminders to your staff when content should be updated, and our monthly insights give a transparent look in to your website usage, recent updates and statutory rating.

  • Your website is reviewed by our staff regularly.
  • All changes are made with a quality control process to ensure that no links/resources are broken or missing.
  • Documents and audio/video files are automatically converted to web-friendly formats.
  • No more hassle of CMS maintenance (Security updates and dealing with incompatible plug-ins).
  • All websites follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

We would love to have a chat and demonstrate how easy our services are to use.

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